Caro Amore ti scrivo

What will you find?

Love born, love that dies, eternal love. Disagreements, fights, abandonments, sudden reconciliations, marvelous comebacks. It’s easier to write it, much easier, because the direct interlocutor is absent, the one who can look into your eyes and maybe read you more deeply. This is why initiatives like ‘Dear Love I Write to You’ succeed—to fill the void of unexpected words. Words finally set free, that freedom often denied due to modesty, a misunderstood human respect. ‘Dear Love I Write to You’ makes the expression of feelings a reality.

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Caro Amore ti scrivo

Loves that are born, loves that die, eternal loves. Discussions, arguments, abandonments, sudden reconciliations, wonderful returns. It’s easier to write it, much easier, because the direct interlocutor is missing, the one who can look into your eyes and perhaps read inside you more deeply. This is the success of initiatives such as “Dear love, I’m writing to you” which aims to fill the void of surprised words. Words finally in freedom, that freedom that we often deny ourselves out of a sort of modesty, out of a misunderstood human respect. So, with “Dear love I’m writing to you” the possibility of expressing one’s feelings becomes real.

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Step into the symphony of unvoiced emotions, where each verse is a whispered confession and every line an untold tale. ‘Dear Love, I’m writing to You’ invites you to embrace the unspoken, weaving a tapestry of emotions that resonate long after the last word fades, echoing the silent melodies of the soul.

Written by : Esmeralda Bregaj



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