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The literary magazine “Pena”, an organ of the “Albanian-American Writers Association”, presents itself to readers in its 11th issue in 2023 with 25 contributing authors. The editor-in-chief of this issue is Mr. Adnan Mehmeti and the editors are Mëhill Velaj, dr. Yllka Filipi and Arjeta Ferlushkaj Kotrri. In general, the magazine presents itself with an already consolidated structure, from which the sections: criticism, poetry, prose, interview, essay, association news, etc., are almost permanent as we find them in the previous issues of this magazine.

The eleventh issue of this magazine opens with the speech that the writer Visar Zhiti gave at the University of Michigan “Ann Arbor” at the Faculty of Modern Languages and Literatures, Department of Slavic Studies, a speech he entitled “Poetry is freedom, it’s the thing that put me in prison the most, but it also saved my soul from prison…” The professor of this department, Dr. Lisandri Kola holds the course “Albanian literature in exile” in this university and invited the writer Zhiti to convey to the public his feelings and experience of him as a person and as a creator, in the difficult moment of the dictatorship.

The poetry section is opened by the poet Dalan Luzaj, who appears in this issue of “Pena” with 6 poems: “Three stanzas for you”, “Separating”, “Oshëtima and bukurije”, “Mother”, “My sleep”, Illegitimate son”; the poet Iliriana Sulkuqi arrives with the poems: “Do not ‘kill’ the poet”, “Finally at the end of autumn…”, “Pilgrim…!”, “Vitestines”, “Elbasaaan”, “Crying on the path of the Kaaba…”; while “The suitcase of my life”, “My Albania”, “Life, salt and sugar”, “Two tears”, “Love in the galaxy”, “Dreams on a cruise” , “Noble, I” are 7 poems by the poet Esmeralda Bregaj, who closes the poetry column of this issue.

We close this article on the latest issue of the magazine “Pena” with its motto:
“The mission of the Albanian-American Writers Association is to bring to our community and to all Albanians wherever they are, high-quality creativity in accordance with the contemporary standards of the world in which we live. Likewise, we will do all possible to discover new knowledge and create a new literary art, to enrich Albanian civilization and to contribute significantly to world literary progress”.

December 2023

Written by : Esmeralda Bregaj



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