Exploring the Unspoken Echoes of the Soul.

What will you find?

The essence of modernity lies in its swiftness and expansiveness—a reach that transcends time and space, touching myriad lives in diverse and distant corners. Can poetry, long held aloof, deny itself this swift embrace? Poetry, by its very nature, holds the grace to offer itself to each individual, guiding them to the elsewhere of words meant to endure and the thoughts that illuminate and enrich the days of life.

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I Poeti Contemporanei

In the journey of these evolving literary works, within their verses and sentences, we discover the abundance of the unspoken that resides within us, the proximity of those who, by revealing themselves, reveal us to ourselves. Through these pages, we give voice to feelings that pulsate behind walls of silence, traversing worlds that belong to us yet remained unseen until now. Each of these books emerges as a communal treasure and an inception.

Among the esteemed authors contributing to this anthology are Addolorata Laera, Alessandra Stefani, Ambrogina Vigezzi, Andrea Martini, Barbara Buttiglione, Esmeralda Bregaj, Francy, Fulvio Segato, Giuseppe Florio, Loredana Spagnuolo, Mirella Notaro, Stefano Guglielmi, and Vincenzo Ragnoni.

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Their collective creations represent an invitation, a passage to the unexplored, and a revelation—a journey of shared narratives and revelations that transcend boundaries. Within these pages reside the stories that bind us, the emotions that resonate universally, and the thoughts that defy confinement.

Each author, with their unique voice and narrative, contributes to the symphony of shared experiences, emotions, and revelations. It’s a collective odyssey—a mosaic of distinct perspectives converging into a shared tapestry of human experience and emotion, inviting readers into a space where words transcend the mundane and usher them into the realms of profound contemplation and self-discovery.

These literary offerings, a confluence of varied voices and perspectives, beckon readers to embark on an immersive journey—a sojourn through thoughts and emotions, traversing landscapes previously unexplored, and embracing the inherent richness of shared human experiences. They signify not just the written word but a celebration of collective expression, encapsulating the essence of our common journey and human existence.

Written by : Esmeralda Bregaj



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