Exploring the Unspoken Echoes of the Soul.

What will you find?

Dive into the depths of unspoken thoughts in ‘La guerra dei Pensieri,’ a poetic anthology that ventures into the uncharted territories of the mind. Explore the labyrinthine corridors of the unsaid, where thoughts, elusive and raw, paint a canvas of life’s upheavals and silent struggles.

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La Guerra dei Pensieri

This collection delves into the unsung narratives, embracing the nuances of thoughts that linger in the shadows, unspoken yet profound. From the turbulent clash between dreams and reality to the enigmatic roots that intertwine land and sea, past and present, these verses unravel the clandestine stories concealed within. Witness forbidden loves veiled in secrecy and divine affections etched in the heart’s sanctuary. ‘La guerra dei Pensieri’ unveils a poetic journey akin to a timeless train ride, an odyssey where emotions transcend the boundaries of time and space, inviting you to lose yourself in its enigmatic pages.

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Step into the symphony of unvoiced emotions, where each verse is a whispered confession and every line an untold tale. ‘La guerra dei Pensieri’ invites you to embrace the unspoken, weaving a tapestry of emotions that resonate long after the last word fades, echoing the silent melodies of the soul.

Written by : Esmeralda Bregaj



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  1. Dott.ssa Denisa Gllava December 4, 2023 at 8:22 am - Reply

    Il tempo passa e la vita cambia continuamente, ma una parte del mio cuore è rimasta a quando pubblicavi “La Guerra dei Pensieri”, quando ero piccola ed il mondo mi sembrava così grande, tu mi sembravi così grande perché eri una seconda mamma…! Ed anche se la vita è così bella e non bisogna mai fermarsi… a volte ho così tanta voglia di fermare il tempo e tornare a quei momenti ♥️

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